Website Analysis

Spotya! Media Web Analysis Features

Crawl Diagnostic Summary

A great website contains pages that not only look good but most importantly, work properly. Spotya! Media will “look behind the scenes” to find and fix errors, warnings and notices. The Crawl Diagnostic Summary will assist in this process. Our programmers make the corrections to omit search engine penalties and optimize indexing and ranking of your website.

Competitive Domain Analysis

Would you like to know how strong your domain authority is? How does it compare to the competition? We can do that too! Discover the number of links your website commands on the web. How many are external? How many link to root domains? This analysis report will produce these findings and more. You can be the authority of your domain with Spotya! Media.

Page Error Check

There is nothing more frustrating for a consumer than to search out a page but receive nothing but an “error” message in return. Keep the traffic coming to your website with our page error check. Our programmers will identify the problems linked to your pages and correct these errors. We want you to keep customers on your site and promote return visits.

Rankings Report

How are your website’s keywords ranking on the major search engines? Are you optimizing your site by utilizing the most efficient wording within your text? This report will give our programmers information based on each of your site’s keywords. Know which words have improved search engine results or what ones have declined in traffic. It is optimized site management at its very best.

Data Manager